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Round-Up for MS

Round Up for MS

From April 1st to April 30th we will be asking our customers to Round-Up for MS. Customers can round up their change to the nearest dollar to support multiple sclerosis research.

Multiple sclerosis is a complex disease. While it is most often diagnosed in young adults, aged 15 to 40, we know that it affects children, some as young as two years old. The impact is felt by family, friends and by the community. MS is unpredictable, affecting vision, hearing, memory, balance and mobility. Its effects are physical, emotional, financial, and last a lifetime. There is no cure. Canadians have one of the highest rates of multiple sclerosis in the world.

Help us find a cure to this terrible disease by Rounding-Up for MS or joining us on May 5th for the Kitchener-Waterloo MS Walk. Giddy-Up!!!